Solana Season Hackathon Taiwan | 01. Application Guidance

About the Hackathon

Starting April 28th, Solana Foundation, together with Serum and Raydium, opened up registration for the Solana Season Hackathon Asia on, the DoraHacks developer platform. And the regional Solana Hackathon Taiwan track is rolling on May 27th as well.

- How to Apply -

0. Preparation

  1. Connect Wallet: Choose Grant Round and connect your Sollet wallet to hackerlink.

About Red Building Capital

Red Building Capital ( is an early-stage investment firm based in Taiwan, focusing on investments and venture building of blockchain tech startups. The Red Building team is an experienced team in both traditional business and emerging technologies. Our mission is to fill the gap between traditional value and digital innovations. The next decade onward, we envision that blockchain technology to make significant impacts on our society financially, economically, and politically. Our strategic investment philosophy is to invest the form of equity or tokens in companies that are truly disruptive and can be a value-add to the digital transformation.



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